Percentage of venture funding that goes to startups led by women


Percentage of all venture funding that goes to startups led by women of color

$1.3 Million

Average funding received by startups led by white males


Average funding received by startups led by black women

Every successful business has two key needs: a founder with a vision, and an initial investment to get things started. It sounds simple – but for founders who are women or people of color (and especially those who are both), getting that initial investment can seem like an impossible task.

The Twenty65 Fund was created to change this narrative. Powered by Trimantium Capital, the fund works exclusively with socially responsible startups led by women and people of color. Our founder, Abyah Wynn, believes that venture capital can be a powerful force for good in the world. To achieve this potential, however, it needs to be distributed more equally.



The Twenty65 Fund seeks out investment opportunities across all industries and sectors. When evaluating a startup for a potential investment, we want to see a fully conceptualized idea and a workable plan for executing it. In addition, recipients of funding from the Twenty65 Fund also meet several other key criteria.


Female or minority founder

Or a founding team that is mostly female or minority


Commitment to diversity

Proven dedication to building –and maintaining– a diverse team


Ethical Business practices

Compassionate leadership and social responsibility


The Twenty65 Fund believes that democratizing access to venture funding should start with democratizing access to the people who provide it. If you’d like to get in touch with us, please drop us a line here and we’ll respond as promptly as possible.