Abyah Wynn is the founder of the Twenty65 Fund. A vocal advocate for women and people of color, she was inspired to start the fund by her experience as an outsider in the venture capital industry. She believes that diversity is more than an HR buzzword – it is a massive, untapped market opportunity.

As the Vice President of Business Development at Trimantium Capital, Abyah has worked to democratize access to venture funding by seeking out founders from underserved backgrounds. She also serves as the Director of Cross-Border Partnerships at Sargon Capital, where she helps Asia Pacific startups find new markets in the United States.

These connections and expertise have shaped her vision for the Twenty65 Fund. With the purchasing power of Black and Hispanic consumers now exceeding $2.6 trillion, she sees an enormous demand for products and services that meet the needs of these communities. She also recognizes that modern businesses must consider not only their bottom lines, but also the people they are meant to serve.

In her view, social responsibility and profitability go hand in hand. She places great emphasis on clarity, transparency, and accountability in her investments. Ethical business practices and compassionate leadership are also of great importance to her, and she is proud to be an example for young girls, especially those of color, who aspire to reach the highest levels of professional success. Through her work with the Twenty65 Fund, she looks forward to opening doors for the visionary female and minority leaders of tomorrow.  

Along with her professional work, Abyah prioritizes giving back to her community through charitable service. She is a board member of Many Hopes, a nonprofit dedicated to providing educational and housing resources to young girls in Kenya.  Her previous experience includes fundraising for City of Hope, a comprehensive cancer care center, and volunteering with Reading to Kids, a grassroots organization dedicated to helping underserved children develop a love of reading.

A graduate of Pepperdine University, she lives in Santa Monica, CA.



Phillip Kingston is an entrepreneur and investor, having founded, grown and exited companies in a number of industries. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Trimantium GrowthOps Ltd, an Australian Stock Exchange listed company (ASX: TGO), the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Sargon, Founder and Managing Director of Trimantium Capital, a partner at Dragonfire and Chairman of Lumineer Academy.

He also founded and served as President of the B-Corp Certified Henley Club, and co-founded Good Super. Phillip was a Non-Executive Director of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership for over six years, a Director of The New Palm Court Orchestra, and a Director of LaunchVic, the Victorian Government’s company building the state’s entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem. 

Phillip has a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Commerce, both from the University of Melbourne.